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Ugly Water – Because You’re Sweet Enough Already

Ugly Water - Because You're Sweet Enough AlreadyA very bright and playful package design will definitely catch consumers’ eyes. This line of flavoured, carbonated water is packaged in 330-ml aluminium cans with an aluminium seal on top. The aluminium seal not only adds a premium look but also is an additional point for safety and hygiene.

Grapefruit and Pineapple Flavour. Immediately after opening the can, you can smell pineapple, which is the main note in the aroma. A very sweet, strong tropical aroma matches the packaging design. After tasting it, you notice the sourness coming from the grapefruit and the carbonation. The main flavour note is definitely grapefruit with a slight hint of a pineapple. This beverage is clear and has no additional colouring.

Lemon and Lime Flavour. The aroma for this flavour is also strong and fruity, with a clearly noticeable citrus-fruit combination and an explicit lime flavour. Tasting the product, you can notice the sourness coming from lemon and a very slight bitterness from lime. They create a beautiful combination with strong but not overpowering flavours. No added sweeteners and no kcal are definitely attractive points for consumers.

For more information visit Ugly website.

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