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Xachoh Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Xachoh Non-Alcoholic SpiritsXachoh non-alcoholic spirits promise to bring “the enlightened spirit of Persia” to your drinking experience, and the exotic herbs and spices used in their blends do not disappoint! Inspired by six generations of knowledge surrounding ancient Persian herbal remedies, these spirits are meant to be a treat for all your senses, creating an uplifting overall experience that is so much more than just a drink! Xachoh uses incredibly clean ingredients, making their blends suitable for almost any dietary needs. They include NO: alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories, extracts, carbohydrates, gluten, or fat.

Each elegant 700 ml glass bottle is adorned with a label featuring the image of a Huma, a mythical Persian bird thought to be an omen of good fortune. For a truly luxurious experience, they’ve printed this image in 24k gold on each bottle. We tried each of the two blends mixed with ginger ale and a splash of lemon, as recommended. As non-alcoholic spirits grow in popularity, Xachoh sets themselves apart with their unique botanical blends and thoughtful packaging and history.

Xachoh Non-Alcoholic SpiritsBlend No. 5: Intense + Fragrant

Xachoh’s Blend No. 5 is a clear spirit made from a blend of star anise, ginger, chamomile, long pepper, turmeric, barberry, and rosemary. If you don’t enjoy star anise, you may want to stay away from this blend. Fragrant is right! There is a STRONG anise aroma and flavor to this blend. Anise-lovers will find this blend to be a balanced and complex flavor with a light feeling in the mouth. One taster even commented that this blend could be sipped on alone like a liquor. Bitter, sour, and just slightly sweet. This flavor has a warming after-taste that lingers for a long time in the mouth, which we enjoyed!

Blend No. 7: Rich + Exotic

The richness of this flavor is immediately evident in the warm, amber color of the spirit. Made with ginger, mace, cinnamon, crystal dark malt, star anise, saffron, and sumac, the flavor has a warm and spicy ginger aroma with the PERFECT hint of sweetness added by cinnamon. The aroma is true to the flavor of this blend, a nice balance of sweet, smoky, and spicy with a slightly tingly feeling left in the mouth. Both Xachoh blends maintain their flavor and aroma nicely when mixed. The mixer slightly dilutes the recipe while still remaining true to the sensory experience of opening the bottle.

For more information visit Xachoh’s website.

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