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Investors and Business Accelerators for the Beverage Sector: USA

Get an extensive list of top beverage industry investors in USA with details to help you raise money or find the right acceleration program.

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Publisher: MyDrink Beverages
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2017-Feb

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Researching investment opportunities for a tech business is quite easy. There are plenty of databases and other specialized sources for that matter. When it comes to beverage business, however, seeking investment or mentorship gets more complicated, not only because there are significantly fewer investors, but also because it’s a lot more challenging to find them without a dedicated source of beverage-industry-specific investor information.

The report consists of 32 detailed profiles of top USA-based beverage industry investors. Moreover, we added 3 bonus chapters based on the survey of some of the most important investors and accelerators in the USA.

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  • 32 profiles of top USA-based investors and accelerators interested in the beverage business. Profiles include key details about each organization (geographical preferences, stage of business they are interested in, funds available, equity taken, etc.), the most important criteria they consider when making investment decisions, as well as the names of some of the products they have already invested in.
  • BONUS #1: A summary of key trends that are to shape the future of the beverage business, as specified by some of the most important investors and accelerators in USA.
  • BONUS #2: Elaboration of the most common criteria considered when making investment decisions.
  • BONUS #3: A cheat sheet for an outstanding pitch presentation.

The goal of this report is to provide beverage startups and growing businesses with a summarized overview of USA-based investment funds and firms and private angel investors and accelerators that they could contact in order to move their businesses forward.

There is a much better chance to raise investment when one approaches those who are already interested in the field. In addition, the experience of running or supporting a FMCG—or food and beverage business in particular— usually leads to a valuable network of contacts as well as certain market knowledge, which, in addition to the funding, is a great advantage.

Sample Pages


  • Introduction 6
  • The Future of Beverage Business 7
  • Most Important Criteria Considered When Making Investment Decisions 9
  • Key to a Good Pitch Presentation 12
  • Business Accelerators, Investment Funds, Firms & Private Angel Investors 15
    • INVESTOR 16
    • INVESTOR 17
    • INVESTOR 18
    • INVESTOR 19
    • INVESTOR 20
    • INVESTOR 21
    • INVESTOR 22
    • INVESTOR 23
  • Other Business Accelerators, Incubators and Investment Funds to Consider 24
    • INVESTOR 24
    • INVESTOR 25
    • INVESTOR 26
    • INVESTOR 27
    • INVESTOR 28
    • INVESTOR 29
    • INVESTOR 30
    • INVESTOR 31
    • INVESTOR 32
    • INVESTOR 33
    • INVESTOR 34
    • INVESTOR 35
    • INVESTOR 36
    • INVESTOR 37
    • INVESTOR 38
    • INVESTOR 39
    • INVESTOR 40
    • INVESTOR 41
    • INVESTOR 42
    • INVESTOR 43
    • INVESTOR 44
    • INVESTOR 45
    • INVESTOR 46
    • INVESTOR 47
  • 7 Other Options to Consider 48