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Britain’s Legendary Sir Ginger’s Ginger Beer

Britain's Legendary Sir Ginger's Ginger BeerSir Ginger’s Ginger Beer. A traditional non-alcoholic drink made with ginger extracts and natural flavourings.  Nicely designed glass bottle packaging communicates a clear message of a well-known and popular ginger beer. This type of packaging also provides an image of a premium product.

Britain's Legendary Sir Ginger's Ginger BeerAfter opening the bottle, a clear ginger flavour pops out. This is due to a perfectly chosen flavour combination. The colour is very characteristic of ginger beer drinks – naturally turbid. After the first sip you can identify the taste of ginger, a spiciness that is not too strong and that may be consumed by children. The sweetness comes from sugar, the ingredient that provides the drink with its full body. The drink does not feels watery at all.

Lately, we have seen a big demand for adult soft drinks that can be substituted for alcoholic cocktails, beer or cider. There is a clear trend of living a healthy lifestyle, so such products are definitely directly hitting the target. Stylish and tasty, ginger beer is a solution that matches old traditions with innovation.

For more information check Sir Ginger’s website.

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