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Coffee Cocktail Indulgence in a Bottle – The Club Belmont Xpresso Martini

Coffee Cocktail Indulgence in a Bottle – The Club Belmont Xpresso MartiniThe Club Belmont Xpresso Martini is a fast, easy, and delicious way to “wow” friends and family at parties, or to simply kick back with at the end of a long day—no cocktail shaker necessary. Created by London-based mixologist Sam Livingstone, each bottle of Xpresso Martini contains a mouth-watering blend of triple-distilled, small-batch vodka, Italian cold brew coffee, and coffee liqueur.

The Club Belmont Xpresso Martini is an excellent and affordable alternative to going out for a fancy cocktail and is more simple and cost-effective than stocking your home bar with all the fixings. From the moment you open the bottle, the Xpresso Martini is made to impress. The elegant, art deco inspired label and sturdy, artisanal 150 mL glass bottle transport you back to a time of glamorous speakeasies, while the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee delights your senses.

Coffee Cocktail Indulgence in a Bottle – The Club Belmont Xpresso MartiniThe simple, four-ingredient recipe means you can be sure you’re getting all flavor and none of the filler. A smooth, full-bodied coffee flavor is rounded out by the warming sensation of premium Polish vodka and the subtle sweetness of coffee liqueur. The Xpresso Martini is not too sweet, with a chocolaty, smoky flavor profile and a silky smooth, easy-to-drink texture. With 7.9% alcohol content, the Xpresso Martini delivers what you’d expect from a traditional martini, with the additional pick-me-up of natural caffeine from cold brew coffee brewed for 24 hours.

The Xpresso Martini is an excellent choice for coffee lovers, martini lovers, and adventurous drinkers alike. For those who may feel uncomfortable mixing their own drinks at home, the Xpresso Martini delivers guaranteed quality and a mixologist-crafted recipe without any guesswork. Each moment of the drinking experience feels luxurious, starting with the copper-gilded text on the label down to the small-batch process used to create this exceptional beverage. No more pouring, mixing, or dirty dishes—just shake the bottle, open, and enjoy responsibly.

For more information visit Club Belmont website.

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