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Kilde Protein Water

Kilde Protein WaterThere’s a growing demand for fitness beverages that aren’t as heavy, messy, or difficult to mix as traditional protein shakes, and are lower in sugar than other classic sports drinks. Kilde Protein Water is one of just a few innovative protein WATER recipes that has hit shelves recently! This light, easy-to-drink protein supplement has 12g of collagen protein peptides per serving, is lactose-free, and has a low-calorie content.

They’ve combined fresh mountain water from Romsdal, Norway with hydrolyzed collagen protein peptides and intriguing and exotic flavors to create a protein drink that stands out from the crowd. With four stand-out varieties available, there’s something for every taste. We found the ready-to-drink format and minimalist, streamlined design of the plastic screw-top bottles made them perfect to throw in a gym bag or for some “belly-filler” to bring to the office to get you through that mid-day slump. Certainly easier than trying to mix and shake a messy protein powder! The simple labels in calming pastels are extremely attractive and give an overall feel of refreshment and “wellness” to the product!


The raspberry flavor of Kilde is packed with berry flavor. Your nose immediately picks up on the fruity fragrance when you open the bottle, and it was so strong that it even seems a bit “unnatural” to us. The flavor felt like much of the same. A good, strong raspberry flavor, with a slightly unpleasant after-taste. Fans of super-sweet flavors may go for this one, and we DID feel full after just a few sips of this flavor, perhaps because of the intensity.


This is the most exotic and intriguing flavor of the bunch, and will likely be attractive to those looking for something a little different to try in the sports-drink realm. The Elderflower flavor is light and refreshing, and reminded us more of a tea than a typical sports drink! This recipe has a subtle, light floral flavor and aroma that we preferred to some of the more heavy-handed flavors in the bunch. This flavor also gets points for its originality among typical protein flavors!

Ginger and Lemon

Kilde Protein WaterThis flavor has some real get-up-and-go. The smell and taste of the ginger comes through most strongly, with just a hint of tart lemon to finish it off! We love that ginger and lemon is a classic, bright flavor combination that has been introduced in an innovative new format by Kilde protein water! Similar to the Elderflower flavor, those who are more interested in light “tea-like” flavors rather than heavy, sugary protein or sports drinks will really enjoy this water. This was our favorite flavor of the bunch!

Coconut and Lime

We were excited to try this juicy, tropical flavor, but it had some of the same strong synthetic flavors and aromas of the raspberry flavor. There’s a definite punch of coconut, with a hint of zest from the lime, but overall it came off a bit sickeningly sweet. This was another flavor that made us feel we’d had enough after just a few sips because of the intense flavor and rich texture of the drink. That may be a positive point for some, but we wish this flavor was just a little lighter. The coconut lime flavor was our least favorite of the bunch but might be a home-run for people who love a very sweet coconut flavor!

For more information visit Kilde’s website.

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