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E&J Brandy Remasters Its Look With New Packaging

E&J Brandy Remasters Its Look With New PackagingE&J Brandy, the world’s most popular American brandy, now has a new look on shelves. The launch marks the first holistic packaging change in the brand’s 45-year history, with each of its expressions sporting the new, remastered look.

To be remastered usually refers to enriching sound or video quality, but for E&J Brandy, it’s a belief that there’s always a new level to reach. Through its elevated new design, E&J Brandy is paving the way to a fresh future.

“We’re excited to bring our crisp, new look to the classic smooth taste that people know to be E&J Brandy,” said Britt West, Vice President General Manager at E&J Gallo. “You don’t run the game by standing still, so we’re proud to evolve alongside E&J fans, who are also constantly growing and adapting to elevate every aspect of their lives.”

The new label conveys the brand’s energy with an iconic sunburst illustration over a premium metallic paper and features vibrant colors and an ink-embossed E&J logo. With the E&J crest proudly displayed on the cap, the new bottle’s elongated shoulders and curved base gives the new design a more premium look.

Since 1975, E&J Brandy has been raising the bar on brandy with fresh new flavors and exclusive collaborations. Inspired by the E&J crest and elevated to match its level of craft, E&J’s new sleek design pays respect to its past, while looking to its future.

Source: E&J Brandy

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