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Double Dutch Mixers For Perfect Cocktails

Double Dutch Mixers For Perfect Cocktails

Double Dutch Line

All beverages in the product line are packed in simple 200-mL glass bottles and sealed with crown corks. Labels are as simple as the bottle itself, with soft, faded colours that present a beautiful display. All of the beverages are carbonated, crystal clear, and without any added colouring.

Skinny tonic water. Upon opening, the beverage gives off the basic aroma of tonic. The taste is characteristic of tonic-type beverages, given the slight bitterness of quinine. The drink is not too sweet and has only 21 kcal/100 mL. The tonic is sweetened with fructose and flavoured with natural aromas. It seems less carbonated than the other beverages in the product line.

Pomegranate and basil. The dominant aroma is pomegranate, although tasting reveals both pomegranate and notes of basil. Less bitter than tonic water, the beverage is sweetened with sugar and contains 33 kcal/100 mL. The unique flavour combination makes for an interesting, mature soft drink.

Indian tonic water. Tasting reveals citrus notes dominated by a tonic flavour of grapefruit. Containing 31 kcal/100 mL, the beverage’s bitterness is balanced with the sweetness of sugar.

Cranberry tonic. The sweet, strong aroma of cranberry spreads immediately once the bottle is opened and suits the cranberry flavour. The mildly sweet drink contains 31 kcal/100 mL for a beautiful product with a balanced flavour.

Cucumber and watermelon. The unique combination of cucumber and watermelon definitely attracts consumers. Cucumber dominates the aroma and taste, both of which take support from the slight sweetness of watermelon.

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