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Costa Brava Premium Vodka Canned Cocktails

Costa Brava Premium Vodka Canned CocktailsThe journey to the launch of Costa Brava Cocktails started when three college students took a trip to Spain. Founders, Ethan Lazar, Matthew Kaplan, and Brendan McLaughlin, were having cocktails on a beach along the Costa Brava coastline when they realized that their lifestyle choices and health habits were catching up with them and preventing them from living to the fullest. After working to eliminate sugar and carbs from their diets, the students discovered there were not many alcoholic drinks that catered to their new lifestyle. They started Costa Brava Cocktails to fill the need for a great tasting canned cocktail that is also free of sugar and carbs.

Costa Brava Cocktails come in two flavors, Vodka Cranberry and Lemon Drop. Both beverages are crafted with premium vodka, contain zero sugar and zero carbs, and are 130 calories. Each pack of cocktails contains four 12oz cans.

Vodka Cranberry

Costa Brava Vodka Cranberry is very light in flavor and texture. Not too syrupy or sweet, there is a subtle, artificial cranberry tone that adds some light sweetness to the premium vodka but doesn’t overpower it. The premium vodka makes Costa Brava Vodka Cranberry very smooth and easy to drink. We liked this alternative take on what can sometimes be an overly sweet cocktail. Costa Brava Vodka Cranberry delivers a canned cocktail experience that true vodka lovers can appreciate.

Lemon Drop

Costa Brava Lemon Drop brings together premium vodka with just the slightest hint of lemon. The sweet and sour lemon notes compliment the smooth and rich vodka, creating a very sippable summer beverage. The simplicity of the recipe reflects Costa Brava’s focus on clean quality over extra empty calories. We enjoyed this sophisticated, not too sweet, canned cocktail.

Summary: Costa Brava cocktails bring a refreshing twist on canned cocktails. With a base of premium vodka, Costa Brava Vodka Cranberry, and Costa Brava Lemon Drop bring in just enough flavor to complement and enhance the smooth vodka flavors. Anyone who enjoys vodka cocktails but wants to skip the sweet, empty calories that come with traditional mixers should check out Costa Brava.

For more information visit Costa Brava Cocktail’s website.

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