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Wintersun Organic Aquavit – 100% Organic Grain Spirit

Wintersun Organic Aquavit - 100% Organic Grain SpiritIf you’re looking for a unique spirit to wow your friends, family, or customers at your next event, Wintersun Aquavit could be your answer. Aquavit is a clear, distilled grain liquor infused with herbs and spices. Long popular in Nordic countries, Aquavit is set to become a trendy new choice across the pond as well. And you’ll find the best quality in Wintersun Aquavit.

Packaged in a 750mL stunning glass bottle, the ice blue labeling calls the refreshing glacial waters of Norway to mind. The USDA Organic label is also displayed prominently on the label to give drinkers peace of mind about what they are drinking. This isn’t just any spirit! Not only is Wintersun Aquavit certified organic—it’s made in small batches, so each bottle gets the attention it deserves.

Wintersun Aquavit has a smooth, herbal finish, but you’ll feel the kick you expect from a clear liquor in the back of your throat! Each bottle is made using Wintersun’s 100% copper distilled liquor.  The neutral liquor has been infused with caraway, aniseed, and orange to give a subtle but balanced herbal flavor. This liquor is perfect for putting a delightful twist on classic refreshing cocktails like mojitos and gimlets! Or, you can do it like the Nords do: take an ice cold shot at the end of dinner at your next festive gathering!

This aquavit is perfect for those looking to expand their horizons in the world of liquor, or for those who are already fans of Aquavit and are looking to try out a new brand. We don’t think they’ll be disappointed by Wintersun. Wintersun is also perfect for those looking for ethically sourced liquors with values they care about. Bluewater Organic Distilling (the makers of Wintersun Aquavit) is a community-focused independent distillery, and the first distillery to become a member of 1% For The Planet.

For more information visit Bluewater Organic Distillery websites.

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