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Fred Releases Cold Brew Tea Line

Fred Releases Cold Brew Tea LineThe entire line consists of three different flavours packed into very simple-shaped 250 ml PET bottle. A clear and informative design informs you about the type of tea without reading the label. Rooibos tea has a dominant red shade; green tea has a green shade; and chai tea is yellow. The bottle is only partially covered so you can see the product itself, which is in a characteristic brown colour with a clear appearance.

Rooibos vanilla. Opening the bottle spreads a very clear and strong rooibos tea aroma. Tasting it, you will see that it is not sweet, and a very natural and refreshing drink. A very specific dryness enters the mouth after the first sip. In addition, a very slight vanilla note is present. The colour is clear with a beautiful brownish hue.

Green mint tea. After opening the bottle, you can immediately smell the mint. The tea is very natural and fresh. Sipping it you will recognize that the mint does not come from artificial flavours, but from pure mint leaves, which combine beautifully with the green tea leaves. No sweeteners bring refreshment and the taste of a homemade tea. The dryness is a bit lighter in comparison with the rooibos tea.

Chai tea. After opening the bottle, you will sense just what you were expecting. The aroma reflects the homemade Assam tea with spices: ginger, black pepper and cloves. Tasting it you can sense the spices almost stronger than the tea itself, but the combination is very well balanced. No sweeteners help to express the beauty of the drink combination. There is a nice body to the drink with a slight hint of dryness.

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