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Friya Snacking Drink

Friya Snacking DrinkFriya Snacking drinks are fruity, seed-filled beverages that bring all the satisfaction of a snack into a handy transportable bottle! You read that correctly! These drinks are juice-based beverages that use basil seeds and chia seeds to keep you feeling full any time, any place. These seeds also have other supposed health benefits that will appeal to health-conscious consumers! They’re also vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, and lactose-free to appeal to a wide range of dietary needs. The drink comes in an attractive and sturdy plastic bottle with brightly colored pink, green, or yellow labeling corresponding with flavor. The screw-top cap makes it perfect for travel, and a transparent portion of the label allows buyers to see the seeds floating around inside!

The most notable aspect of these beverages is their inclusion of basil and chia seeds! Along with providing a solution to hunger between meals, these seeds could have other benefits! Basil seeds are high in fiber but low in calories and contain Vitamin K, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron! And they’re rich in Omega-3s. Chia seeds could boost energy, and they’re a natural source of protein! And did we mention they contain calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B3? But it’s not just about the seeds! Friya has added the seeds to 3 truly delicious recipes:

Rose and Cherry

The rose and cherry flavor was our favorite of the bunch, but we thought all three were outstanding. This flavor includes basil seeds and is flavored with sour cherry juice and rose extract. The result is a lightly sweet, refreshing, fruity, and floral drink that fills you up JUST enough without making you feel heavy! And we love the texture of the seeds in the juice mixture. We think fans of bubble tea will enjoy the sensation!

Cucumber and Pear

Packaged with a mint-green label, this flavor looks like a trip to the spa, and it tastes like one, too! Not too sweet at all, this flavor is heavy on a cucumber-basil taste with just a HINT of sweet pear. The effect is clean, refreshing, and uplifting. Also made with basil seeds, this flavor is perfect for fans of a refreshing mojito on a hot day! It has a similar fresh cucumber flavor.

Lime and Ginger

The sunny yellow color of this flavor has summer days written all over it! And that’s exactly what the taste makes us think of. This flavor was sweeter than we thought it would be, but we’re not complaining! It’s still fresh rather than sickly. The ginger is subtle, and we honestly thought this tasted more like Lemonheads candy than lime! But we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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