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HighVit – functional vitamin drinks

download (2)Immunity defense. Great functional drink with plenty of functional ingredients such as vitamins, high amount of vitamin C, polyphenols coming from green tea and rooibos tea extracts, which are inherent from immunity conception. Sweetened with deionized grape juice concentrate and like their label is saying sweetened with juices. The dominant flavor is mild fruity, beverage is still and this goes perfectly with an idea of these drink’s. There is slight bitterness coming from high content of polyphenols and gives an exclusivity to a drink taste. The drink has no artificial colorants and preservatives.

download (4)Digest. Another functional drink from the line has a very strong body which was created by using dietary fibers and juice concentrate. The drink gives a smooth and very pleasant feeling in the mouth. Flavor of a drink is

kind a unique combination of orange, pineapple and guava fruits. Color meets the flavor and is absolutely natural. The drink is also still which is going well with a function of a beverage. Just like all three drinks in this line this one is also sweetener with deionized grape juice concentrate and has 5% of juice content



Drive. I really liked the idea to call this function ‘drive’ to avoid a negative reaction about energy function, which is so

escalated lately. This brand is looking from another perspective to this type of product while even not calling it ‘natural energy drink’. The flavor of a drink

is a citrus fruit which goes very good with a bitterness coming from guarana. Exactly this ingredient is providing drink with an energy kick. The feeling in the mouth is sour, slightly bitter and sweet, which is typical for citrus fruits and a hint of bergamote is providing drink with an exclusive taste. Like the other beverages from this line it has no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and colorants. The drink has very good texture created with a help of deionized grape juice concentrate and other juice concentrates.

Glass bottles provide the look of valuable and luxurious product. The design of a label and name of a brand convey a clear message about the idea of a drink. The dominant color on the label meets beverage color.

For more information: www.highvit.com

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