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Innovative Plant Based Protein Cordial For Athletes

Innovative Plant Based Protein Cordial For AthletesRecently, one of the biggest trends among global beverage consumers is for functional beverages, which can be used before, during, or after a workout. Last month, AKOM Ankla Oldenzaal BV introduced their new product – Protein Cordial.  It is a concentrated protein syrup which can be consumed during the day and even during a workout. Its primary protein source is Soy Protein and by following the  recommended usage of 1 part syrup to 5 parts water, you get 6 g of protein with each 200ml glass.

The drink is packed into a very nice shaped bottle with a functional cap, which helps you to dose the drink any number of times. The bottle comes in a volume of 750 ml and is labelled with a very nice thermos shrink sleeve label.  It comes in two flavours: raspberry and orange.

Just after opening the bottle, you can note strong aromas indicating intense and natural flavours. Both the raspberry and orange flavours have strong but not irritating dominant aromas, without any additional notes.

The dilution is very easy when you use the dosing cap on the bottle itself. The cap is it is not very functional but hygienic. When tasting the diluted syrup, you can feel a very smooth texture with strong primary flavour notes of raspberry and orange. It is easy to identify these flavours. The sweetness comes from a fructose and glucose mixture with artificial sweeteners. This combination results in a lower kcal content for athletes who are counting each consumed product. Pleasantly, there is no specific aftertaste, as is usual for artificial sweeteners. The sweetness level is not too sweet. The body of the drink is full and rounded and very well balanced. There is no aftertaste resulting from the protein isolate. The primary notes are coming from natural fruit aromas.

The final appearance of both flavours is slightly turbid with natural plain colouring, which gives the beverages an even more natural look.

Finally, though no less important, the product includes an additional functional element, trendy among the athletes, in collagen. This drink can not only help you grow the muscles but also helps ensure your joints and skin stay healthy. It is an absolutely great product for everyone who is searching for a good way to hydrate during workouts as well as consume an additional dose of protein.

For more information visit AKOM website.

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