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JAMU Organic Spices -Sparkling Wellness Drink

JAMU Organic Spices -Sparkling Wellness DrinkWhile functional ingredients are trending, they are not new. The word Jamu in JAMU Organic Spices, references roots in traditional medicine from Indonesia that dates back over 1300 years. JAMU Wellness Drinks are based on original Jamu recipes and include bio-active plant ingredients such as curcuma, ginseng, ginger, and liquorice root. Each combination of herbs, spices, and juices is designed to bring a specific holistic benefit to mind and body. With a base of naturally carbonated mineral water and organic, raw, cane sugar or agave syrup, JAMU Wellness drinks are organic, vegan, and lactose and gluten-free. JAMU Sparkling Wellness Drinks come in 330 ml clear glass bottles. The first line of JAMU Sparkling Wellness Drinks has three distinct flavors with different purported benefits.

JAMU No1 – Beauty Booster with Superpower

Jamu No1 is categorized as a beauty tonic. It contains ingredients like ginger, Curcuma, chokeberry, coriander, fennel, and turmeric, which are believed to potentially supplement hair and nail strength, increase skin moisture levels, stimulate collagen production, and eliminate free radicals.

JAMU No1 has a spicy aroma with hints of Curcuma and ginger. The first sip is sour with a hint of ginger, and the aftertaste is sweet and mild. Overall this flavor is a little weaker than we would have liked, with just a slight variation from plain sparkling water.

JAMU No2 – An OM’ With Every Sip

While we didn’t sample JAMU No2, this herbal mix is designed to increase relaxation and bring restful sleep. With ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, and Curcuma, the blend is believed to increase serotonin levels while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. The drink is flavored with coriander, pineapple, and pumpkin extracts, as well as raw cane sugar.

JAMU No3 – Energizer with A Stimulating Effect

JAMU No3 contains ginger, ginseng, cardamom, and guarana, which makes it a natural energizer. It is believed that ginseng and ginger accelerate metabolism and increase the production of the serotonin while improving concentration and endurance. Guarana is thought to soothe the senses and is a stimulant, five times stronger than caffeine. Other ingredients include essential oils made from black pepper, nutmeg, and chili, as well as micronutrients, which are known to improve blood circulation and accelerate the heart rate. The drink is flavored with lemon, apple berry, and juniper extracts and contains raw cane sugar.

Upon opening JAMU No 3, we detected potent ginseng and ginger notes, reminiscent of ginger ale. The first sip is sour, and the aftertaste has a slight hint of cardamom and chili. Overall this drink reminded us of a slightly lighter, healthy take on ginger ale.

The second line of JAMU Sparkling Wellness Drinks has only one flavor, a Bio Cannabis Drink.

JAMU Bio Cannabis Drink with Ginger and Curcuma

JAMU Bio Cannabis Drink with Ginger and Curcuma contains 43% of uniquely processed German Cannabis Sativa extract from locally sourced, organically farmed plants. The full-spectrum Cannabis liquid contains all compounds naturally occurring in the plant, which work together to magnify the therapeutic benefits of each cannabinoid.

The aroma of JAMU Bio Cannabis Drink is a little off-putting and reminds us a bit of cut grass. There is also a hint of ginger. The taste is intense at first, with a sweet aftertaste following. The first sip is a little sour, but the overall taste is rich in exciting and unique flavor notes. There are strong Curcuma notes, but they are balanced well with the other flavors producing a pleasant, flavorful experience.

Summary: JAMU Sparkling Wellness Drinks bring an enjoyable wellness-focused drinking experience to a range of consumers looking for the benefits of various adaptogens and adaptogen blends. From enhancing external beauty to encouraging a deeper sense of calm and relaxation, JAMU Sparkling Wellness Drinks offers the opportunity to explore the power of traditional herbs and spices in a new and flavorful way.

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