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Endo Sport – A CBD Infused Sports Drink

Endo Sport - A CBD Infused Sports DrinkEndo Sport launched the first CBD sports drink based in the United Kingdom in 2019. As cannabidiol (CBD) has grown in acceptance and popularity, especially amongst athletes, the company saw the opportunity to upgrade the traditional sports drink with the addition of CBD. Although research on CBD is limited, some studies have shown its promise in treating athletic-related conditions like joint pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness.   In addition to 10mg of CBD, each 500 ml bottle of Endo Sport also contains ingredients to optimize hydration and replace lost electrolytes from physical activity.

Endo Sport comes in a lightweight squeezable bottle with an easy-open sports cap that you can re-seal and save for later. The sleek and portable design makes it easy to throw in a gym bag or consume during a game or workout.

Both flavors, Orange and Berry and Tropical, contain 21.75 grams of sugar and 105.6 kcal.

Orange: Endo Sport Orange is slightly sweet with an artificial orange flavoring reminiscent of other orange soft drinks. It’s light and refreshing, not syrupy or heavy. We were pleasantly surprised that there was no gross aftertaste or mouthfeel.

Berry and Tropical: Blue in color, Endo Sport Berry and Tropical has a bright, fruity flavor that is sweet and mellow. The slightly effervescent liquid is smooth and easy to sip.

Overall: Endo Sport drinks are convenient, refreshing, and easy to drink. With a blend of ingredients designed to help with hydration, energy, and recovery, Endo Sport is an exciting new way for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to experience the potential enhancements of CBD before, during, and after their workouts.

For more information visit Endo Sport’s website.

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