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The Leaf Life – CBD Infused Functional Drink

The Leaf Life - CBD Infused Functional DrinkThe Leaf Life has created three fruity and sparkling flavors of CBD drinks that use only the highest quality THC-free, full-spectrum, non-isolate, certified, and EU compliant CBD. They describe the drinks as “lightly sparkling,” and this is a good description for the crisp and tiny bubbles that fill your mouth with flavor when drinking a Leaf Life drink! Each colorful 250 ml slim can contains 15mg of CBD that left our reviewers feeling calm and positive after drinking. We love the vibrant and minimalist cans, and they’re a great size to throw into an office bag or car cup holder. There’s something for everyone among their three sparkling flavors:

Laidback Lemonade

This one looks, smells, and tastes like a tall glass of fizzy lemonade! A perfect summer sipper, we can honestly see ourselves enjoying this one year-round. People who like their lemonade on the sour side may want to steer clear, though…the cane sugar in this one makes for a zesty but sweet treat. We love the sunny yellow color on this can and felt that the recipe has the perfect amount of fizz for a sparkling drink in all three flavors!

Relaxing Raspberry

Berry lovers are going to be happy to see this one on the shelves. Relaxing Raspberry smells like a fresh raspberry patch immediately upon opening the can, and the taste is equally fresh and fruity. There is a true tart raspberry flavor that offers the perfect complement to the sweet sugar cane used to sweeten The Leaf Life drinks. It’s hard for the berry-pink colors on the can to leave anyone in a bad mood.

Mindful Mango and Passionfruit

We’re not positive if this made us more mindful or not, but we know it made our mouths water. This was our favorite flavor of The Leaf Life bunch. With a bold and tropical passionfruit flavor and a sweet and zesty kick from mango, we wanted more when we were done! We love this as an alternative to a thick tropical smoothie when you’re looking for something light and bubbly! And don’t forget you’re getting the added benefit of 15mg of CBD.

For more information visit The Leaf Life website.

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