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Product Review: BETTER TH!S – 100% juice drinks

BTS_MAINSITE-03_0622Better This!

Whole line of the drinks looks very fresh and playful since the first time you see it. The bottle of 295 ml looks very convenient either to give to a child or to put it in a handbag. Design of all four drinks goes perfect together, the idea to make it saucy and  at the same time attractive to a very wide range of consumers.


Beverage has a characteristic peach odor of a peach and a hint of apple. The drink has a very natural color and definitely goes well with an idea of 100% of juice.

Drink has a full body, provided with a high content of juices and dominating flavor is peach, but you can feel the characteristic dryness that is coming from green tea extract and gingko biloba. Additionally in this drink you can find ginseng. The caffeine amount that is coming from green tea extract is 28mg/100 ml and provides you a natural kick of energy. Additionally energy is being obtained from white grape juices, that have a high level of carbohydrates.



This drink has a very unique odor. It is clearly mix of coconut and mango. Although dominating note is definitely coconut. The color of a drink is very natural – brownish and turbid.

The feeling in the mouth is very smooth with a sour note. Flavor of a drink is blended very well. The mix of used mango pure, coconut water, lemon juice creates a unique flavor, that you cannot really distinguish every single ingredient. The main hydrating ingredient that is presented on the label is coconut water and it is very clearly expressed in a drink. The drink is sweetened naturally from fruits using white grape juices.


Beverage odor is very fruity, with a clear dominating pomegranate and raspberry. Color is deep red, and is creating a perfect match with berries used in the drink: pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry and blue raspberry.

Dominating flavor of the beverage is just like with the odor – pomegranate. You can feel a very

BTS_MAINSITE-03_061 (1)characteristic taste of it that is provided by a high content of tannins in the pomegranate juice. While tasting it, you immediately feel that the drink has 100% of juice inside. The functionality is coming from chamomile extract. You can feel a hint of herbs while tasting it, but its not bothering too much and cannot be abstracted very strongly and is very delicately combined together.


This drink odor is very citrus from the beginning although you can feel clear note of Echinacea inside. Color is very similar to Hydrator, and it’s great that the colors were not corrected by adding additional colorants.

Taste of a drink is absolutely matching with an odor. It is definitely giving a citrus taste, but the sourness is well chosen and is not too high. The additional ingredients such as echinacea and ginger give a unique hint to a kind a daily lemon and lime flavored drink. That is making this drink exclusive. Just like the other drinks this one is also being sweetened by white grapes.

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