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Product Review: Little Miracles – Organic Energy

bottle_new_en_USThe bottle looks very inviting and consumer friendly. Size of 330 ml is a super convenient that you are able to drink in one time. Shape of a bottle is very simple, but very comfortable to hold and of course wide neck of the bottles provides brand with a feeling of quality and completely fulfilled product.

Design and chosen colors for label, closing cap are going very well with an idea of organic product. It looks fresh and natural.

The odor of a drink is super light, sweet but at the same time with a hint of characteristic pomegranate sour odor. All the flavors – green tea, ginseng, pomegranate, acai creates one solid odor. After tasting the drink it is easy to identify that flavor and odor goes perfectly together. It has great combination of sweet and sour.

Although the sweetness level is low and for a healthy herbal and juice drinks it is most suitable. Agave syrup was chose for a sweetener and provides with a slight hint of honey flavor. Even a low content of juices in this drink creates a feeling of full body. To sum up it is a great solution for a healthy and tasty refresher.


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