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Soylent Starts 2017 With 2 New Flavors

Soylent Starts 2017 With 2 New Flavors

Soylent New Flavours: Cacao and Nectar

Soylent, a producer of healthy, functional beverages, today announced the latest flavors in its line of nutritious ready-to-drink products: Cacao and Nectar. The newest selections in the Soylent Drink suite are now available for purchase at www.soylent.com in the U.S. and Canada. Amazon sales will begin on January 10, 2017 in the U.S.

These additions to the Soylent Drink line demonstrate the Company’s commitment to ongoing innovation. Following the successful debut of Coffiest, the Soylent product team has followed up their work with a series of new flavors. Cacao’s essence of velvety chocolate and Nectar’s custom-made fruity taste developed in the Soylent test kitchen are the perfect complements to Original and Coffiest. With a macronutrient profile matching Soylent Drink’s Original flavor, Cacao and Nectar deliver 20% of daily nutritional requirements in delicious and convenient packages.

Each case of 12 bottles can be purchased online at www.soylent.com (U.S. and Canada) and Amazon.com (U.S. only) for $37.05 USD for subscribers and $39 USD for one-time orders. For specific inquiries related or additional information on the Soylent Drink line and comprehensive product and FAQ pages, please visit www.soylent.com.

Source: Soylent

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