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Agro Innova Finishes First Round of Production for Suavva

suavva-cacaoThe fruity, nutrient-rich pulp of the cacao plant that was once enjoyed exclusively by the communities that harvest them is now available as a functional beverage in the growing US market. With health-conscious millennials and the baby boomer generation consistently seeking new flavor profiles to try and taste, Agro Innova introduces the South American Cacao Pulp Fruit Smoothies under the Suavva (www.suavva.com) brand. CEO Joseph Montgomery, a 7th generation cacao farmer, and his production team are now able to gently and efficiently extract cacao pulp from fresh pods to create a new, delicious, fruity functional beverage using state-of-the-art technologies to bring this South American line of cacao pulp-based fruit smoothies to the $60B global functional beverage market for the first time.

In Ecuador, cacao farming is widespread. The football shaped fruits are the source of both the bitter cacao bean (used for standard chocolate), as well as a sweet white pulp used for Suavva smoothies. Suavva prepares these refreshing beverages by separating the pulp from the seed with their unique, patented process. Suavva offers a brand new ingredient profile to the juice category at a time when consumers are recognizing that cold pressed juice can benefit their health when incorporated into a daily routine. Cacao pulp contains certified antioxidant activity as well as several vitamins and minerals, all of which are maintained using High Pressure Processing (HPP). The naturally occurring theobromine in cacao pulp allows Suavva to live up to its tagline “energizing happiness™” through this all-natural, energy-providing compound which may also reduce blood pressure.

“American consumers are positioned, more so than anyone else, to appreciate the benefits and energizing properties of this superfood,” explains Montgomery. “Bringing Suavva to the U.S. market, we’re finding that consumers appreciate the satisfying consistency of the pulp over standard juice.”

The unique, subtly sweet flavor of Suavva cacao smoothies gives the product an exotic flair, which works well with 58% of Americans reported to enjoy new and non-traditional functional beverages in the market today. According to a study conducted by the Mintel Group, the sales of ethnic products in grocery stores will grow more than 20% between 2012 and 2017, with fruit flavors being essential. As retailers seek new exotic flavors to fill their shelves, Suavva provides four exciting, new fruity flavors to meet the consumer demand and their unique tastebuds.  Amazing Cacao offers a simple cacao experience in the form of a sweet cacao puree sweetened with agave nectar. Merry Mango blends mango’s tropical taste with cacao and provides, for the first time, an uplifting smoothie without the need for a blender. Blissful Berry provides a fresh antioxidant influx through a delicious blend of raspberries, blueberries, and cacao juice. Finally, Choclatey Cheer combines the rich taste of chocolate with juicy cacao pulp for a full-flavored, yet dairy-free, cold, chocolate drink. Each flavor is exciting and exotic, and also approachable to new tasters.

From the farms of South America to families across America, Suavva is “energizing happiness” with delicious cacao nutrition in four refreshing, juicy smoothie flavors.

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