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“Functional health drinks are the future” – says ViVA Drinks

vivagroup_promoDrinkPreneur is presenting thoughts and experience of Paul Fellowes, who is Marketing and Social Media executive of the ViVA drinks brand. Below you will find a short story about the birth of ViVA drinks..

Hi, we¹re ViVA Drinks. Our aim is, and always has been to offer healthy, natural and functional drinks to our customers. We have a range of four drinks that offer both a great taste, and a health benefit to the day of our drinkers. We have:

Calm ­ – A calming drink that will help reduce stress, anxiety and tension so you can get on with your busy day.

Defence  -­ An immunity boost drink with carefully chosen ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals.

Detox ­ – A refreshing drink packed with lots of good ingredients, which will help to cleanse and rejuvenate your body.

Mind ­- A sustainable energy drink that will help sharpen your mind and improve focus.

Whilst on holiday in America, we noticed that there were ranges of healthy and functional drinks readily available very much unlike in the UK. This was most definitely a market that was going to make its way over to the UK soon, and we thought we¹d capitalize on that trend ­ so here we are with ViVA Drinks.

In order to really give ViVA a go, we had to decide whether or not we should leave our jobs as bankers in the City of London. We let our prototype bottle decide and, well, it looks like it turned our lives upside down and into the world of ViVA.

We¹ve always believed that to be fresh, you need to look fresh. Our products come in colors that suit their ingredients, and all of the ingredients are fresh and natural. We¹ve hit it alongside with a splash of white and orange  just to enhance it all really and show that we¹re not some corporate big-wigs.

It seems that we¹ve managed to tap into a currently emerging trend. We reckon that plenty of big brands will soon be looking to enter a healthier drink market with less sugar, more investment in Stevia and other natural sugar substitutes and over all a healthier range for their consumers. But fortunately for us, we¹ve piped them to the post somewhat.

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