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Pre Workout – weight management drink

photo1Very bright and clear design is catching your eye without any doubts. The design is well matching with an idea of sports drink.

The main function of this drink is to help lose weight and the key ingredients for that are: L-carnitine, green tea extract with EGCG, guarana extract, iodine and choline. So from the list of key ingredients its obvious that this drink works, but this amount of ingredients are giving a very characteristic taste of a drink. The tartness of green tea extract and guarana is going well and even is covering the specific taste of sucralose, which was obvious to use for a weight loss drink.

The odor of the beverage is clearly lime flavor and gives freshness to a drink. What is more color is looking very natural, yellowish color a little bit turbid reminds me glass of water with a drop of natural lime juice. The sourness is well regulated within a drink and is binding with a 0 kcal providing sweetener sucralose.

The drink is full of vitamins, so basically it is a multifunctional drink: weight loss, vitamin and even energy providing drink.

The drink is not a having a taste of a usual soft drink, but it is definitely a drink that you should take before a work out.

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