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Ancient Wisdom Empowering Your Life

Ancient Wisdom Empowering Your LifeTo run a successful beverage company requires a great idea, hard work and a little bit of luck. Sometimes, the best option is to choose a concept of well-known ingredients and a little bit of innovation. Ancient Nectars is a perfect example of it. Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Ladislav Kerekes, Founder of Ancient Nectars.

Who or what inspired you to create Ancient Nectars?

During my visit to South America, I enjoyed going to the market and trying exotic fresh juices that weren’t familiar to me. Once I saw people on the street who were gathering around a small cart and drinking some kind of beverage and eating sandwiches. My Peruvian girlfriend explained to me that it is national beverages with quinoa and macaw which people drink early in the morning before going to work. Many drink it instead of breakfast and often it is taken as a snack or lunch. I was surprised by how different eating habits are in North and South America. I realized more and more people are starting to live healthier, looking for healthy food and superfood. So, I got the idea of introducing this kind of beverage to North Americans who are looking for healthier sources of food.

Ancient Nectars is a juice line with 4 different flavors. Can you tell us a little bit more about each?

Maca with honey: Maca is a root that increases energy and stamina while boosting the libido and immune system. Known for improving physical and emotional well-being, Maca merges with the antibacterial power of Honey to create a drink that’s essential to healthy living.

Apple juice with quinoa: Quinoa today is as popular as ever. When combined with delicious and fibrous apple juice, its antioxidant abilities are unmatched. High in protein, minerals, and essential amino acids, this drink is immensely beneficial to the immune and circulatory systems.

Ancient Wisdom Empowering Your Life

Pineapple juice with chia: Chia provide energy and endurance and is used to help build strong bones and muscles, and support a robust digestive system. Rich in fibre, protein, iron and Omega 3, Chia promotes healthy skin and reduces signs of aging. The nutritional benefits of Pineapple complement Chia’s perfectly, making for one sweet, substantial beverage.

Pineapple juice with oats and quinoa: Oats provide a high source of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Paired with quinoa and sweetened by Pineapple Juice, this effective weight loss aid reduces cholesterol levels and delivers filling satisfaction so you can keep moving.

It is very hard to compete in the beverage market with a huge variety of competitors. What makes Ancient Nectars differ in the market?

Yes, competition is very hard in this market. We are finding out and learning more each day. This is our first business, so we are being very cautious to make sure the integrity of our products is not compromised in quality, taste, texture and look.

Our unique juices cannot be found anywhere else in Canada since we manufacture them in Peru and ship directly to the country. This gives us a big advantage, because some of the main ingredients in our juices are already loved by millions of people for thousands of years. We formulate them in a unique, delicious way that is proprietary to Ancient Nectars.  Many people tell us our product line is a great snack and it fills them up, in addition to being refreshed.

Everyone knows it’s a long way from the idea of a product to shelves. What difficulties did you face so far?

My biggest difficulty is educating Canadians about the ingredients, taste and nutritional value, the actual ingredients themselves, and of course, the benefits of consuming these ingredients.

I really love the concept of Ancient Nectars. What are the benefits your products give to consumers?

Adding the value of ancient wisdom to today’s busy lifestyle so everybody can stay healthy and energized. Moreover, our product line makes it easy to maintain healthy habits no matter how busy you are. We use healthy ingredients like: Maca, Honey, Oats, Quinoa, Pineapple juice with plump, juicy pieces and Chia seeds.

Our website discusses the benefits of each ingredient in more detail.

Ancient Wisdom Empowering Your LifeWho is your target market? Where can consumers buy your products?

Our target market is athletes, active, busy, healthy focused people who like to try new things. People whose lifestyle is always on the go, who don’t have time to get proper breakfast or lunch so our snack drinks can easily replace needed nutrition.

We are selling our products in grocery stores and soon, restaurants. A lot of our sales come directly from our website.

We offer both purchases from the general public, and wholesale pricing for people that either want to purchase in bulk or would like to sell our juices directly.

What is the biggest milestone you aim to reach in 2020?

Our goal is to educate more Canadians about the benefits of the ingredients in Ancient Nectars and be in at least 200 stores.

What advice would you have given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

Telling myself to stick with my passion and be persistent in spreading the message of what Ancient Nectars can bring, not to mention I will have to work more than double the number of hours I had anticipated in starting a business!

I would like to mention to your readers that for a limited time, I’m offering 33% off our “try them all” 4 pack to all customers who come to our website: www.ancientnectars.ca

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