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Mellow Mood – A Relaxation Drink Line Inspired By Bob Marley

Mellow Mood - A Relaxation Drink Line Inspired By Bob MarleyMellow Mood relaxation drinks are decaffeinated, naturally flavored beverages without any artificial sweeteners or colors. The product line has many functional ingredients that help to relax the body and mind, including chamomile and passion flower extract to reduce anxiety, hops extract and valerian root that promote relaxation without drowsiness, and lemon balm extract to enhance mood, alertness, and calmness. For sweeteners, the makers use pure unprocessed cane sugar. The main ingredient is decaffeinated black tea brewed using triple-filtered water to achieve the best tea flavor.

Packed into 459-mL aluminum cans, Mellow Mood Peach Raspberry presents a still, light-brown liquid without any turbidity. The drink reveals the pleasing, fruity scent of sweet–sour raspberry and peach and that gives way to tastes of hardly noticeable black tea. The not-too-watery drink also has hidden notes from the functional herbal extracts for a rounded taste and strong mouthfeel.

Each can is divided into two servings, which recommends its consumption in multiple sittings. In that light, the packaging would be better if consumers could close the container. The drink contains 30.5 calories per 100 mL.

For more information visit Drink Marley website.

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