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RISE Brewing Co – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

RISE Brewing Co - Nitro Cold Brew CoffeeRISE infuses its coffee with nitrogen to give it a smooth taste with a creamy texture.  Pour the can into a glass and the nitrogen’s effect is on full display as the coffee gets a frothy head similar to what you’d find in a stout at your local craft brewery.  These organic, non-GMO, non-dairy drinks contain 1.5x the amount of caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee and are a great way to give your morning a healthy pick up without the crash or guilt accompanied by sugary coffee drinks found at popular chains.  The purified water and low acidity in RISE make it an easy, healthy choice to add to any daily routine.

Original Black

Original Black from RISE follows a simple formula to create a simply good coffee.  Using nothing more than purified water and organic coffee, this nitrogen-infused coffee is a direct contrast to the lengthy complicated orders placed at your local coffee shop.  Keeping it simple, RISE’s Original Black has succeeded in making a refreshing, smooth coffee that’s naturally sweet and great to take on the go or sit and sip over a morning read. 70% less acidic than an average cup of joe, RISE will go down easy and give your day a proper start.


All of RISE’s nitrogen-infused coffees are meant to be served cold and offer a refreshing alternative to regular coffee, but the Lemonade flavored cold brew is the perfect recipe for a summer’s day.  Comparable to an Arnold Palmer, Lemonade Nitro Cold Brew creates an energizing tea-like flavor by adding organic cane sugar and lemon juice to its traditional cold brew recipe. Lemonade’s low acidity and naturally sweet flavor is the perfect drink for someone looking for mid-day boost or just an invigorating and smooth afternoon refreshment.

Blood Orange

Similar to RISE’s Lemonade, the Blood Orange flavor gives a slight citrus hint without throwing off the smooth, rich flavor of the coffee. The combination of blood orange and coffee is unique but fitting. Blood oranges are considered less acidic in taste than regular oranges and often contain overtones of raspberry or strawberry. RISE’s Nitro Blood Orange is a refreshing treat when served over ice. Add a splash of cream or coconut milk for a caffeinated orange creamsicle creation.

For more information visit RISE Brewing Co. website.

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