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DrinkTanks Expands its Cups and Lids

DrinkTanks Expands its Cups and LidsDrinkTanks, a vacuum insulated vessel and accessory company located in Bend, Oregon, has just released a new line of insulated cups and lids. The new line of cups offers beverage lovers the ultimate refreshment experience, offered in a 10, 16 and 20 oz option with 16 colors to choose from. From coffee connoisseurs to beer aficionados, there is now a DrinkTanks product for everyone.

The sleek cups have been ergonomically designed and feature sensuous curves, leaving the user feeling at ease while comfortably enjoying their favorite beverage of choice. Each cup includes a universal drinking lid intended for hot or cold drinks. As an added bonus, for those wanting to measure out ingredients for cocktails or mocktails, a set of measurement guidelines are embossed into the inner lining of each cup.

“We got to thinking, ‘So, if people are using a DrinkTanks growler, and enjoying their beverages fresh and carbonated as they should right out of our tap, what are they actually using to drink what’s stored in their growler?’ And then it clicked,” said Nicholas Hill, founder and CEO of DrinkTanks.

“We have put a lot of market research and rigorous testing into these cups and lids, and we are truly proud to add them to our current product lineup.”

The new insulated cups represent the latest progressive move for the up-and-coming growler company based out of Bend, Oregon. In 2015, DrinkTanks crushed their Kickstarter goal by 400%, bringing the world’s largest growler to market, The Juggernaut. In 2016, the company moved its operations out of its original warehouse into a new 20,000 sq. ft. space to accommodate their increase in production capabilities due to popular demand.

Source: DrinkTanks

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