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Sipp – The Journey From Kitchen To Target Shelves

Sipp - The Journey From Kitchen To Target Shelves

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How did the whole story of Sipp start?

I was truly inspired from my love of entertaining. My favorite thing to do was entertain at home and mix drinks for my friends and family. I had an annual Cinco de Mayo party at my house, which was alway so much fun to host. I was concocting interesting versions of margaritas for all of my guests that complimented the Mexican-inspired dishes I was serving as well. I loved to use fresh, organic ingredients to make mango margaritas and blackberry margaritas.

There was nothing out there on the market at the time that I could use as a mixer that wasn’t full of artificial ingredients and coloring. At that point I knew I was onto something and that’s when I decided to start an organic cocktail catering business, which I developed out of my kitchen. Soon after that, I decided to bottle the non-alcoholic mix I was using to make cocktails, and that’s how Sipp started.

What were the biggest difficulties you had to overcome?

The biggest obstacles were flavor formulation, production, and distribution.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Landing on the shelves of Target nationwide.

Sipp - The Journey From Kitchen To Target ShelvesWhat are the main ingredients of your beverages?

Certified organic flavors and extracts as well as organic agave and of course carbonated water.

Right now, there are 6 different flavours of Sipp. Are you planning to release new flavours any time soon? Which one is your favorite?

Yes, we will have another flavor come out in 2018. It’s hard to say one favorite flavor—they are all like my children!

How would you recommend consuming your drinks to gain the best drinking experience? Alone or mixed with other beverages?

For best results we definitely recommend Sipp chilled and sipped directly from the can or bottle. We do also recommend mixing Sipp in a cocktail since it’s such a great natural mixer.

Sipp - The Journey From Kitchen To Target ShelvesThe beverage industry is quite competitive. What makes Sipp differ in the beverage market?

I think Sipp is unique because it falls in a niche between a soda and a sparkling water. A lot of flavored/sparkling waters have little flavor and just flat out don’t taste good. Traditional sodas are loaded with sugar and are heavy and overly carbonated. Sipp is organic, all natural, lightly carbonated, lightly sweetened and it has a sophisticated flavor. It’s versatile (cocktail mixer, mocktail, etc), as well as delicious.

Additionally, I make all of the recipes first in my kitchen, experimenting with flavor combinations that I would use to entertain with my family and friends, so there’s authenticity in the flavors and the high quality ingredients that we use. I take a lot of care and time to perfect the flavors and the layers in each bottle. The quality of taste is very, very important. Everyone has a different palate and I want to make sure different people with different tastes experience the flavors positively.

You have a list of various cocktail recipes on your website. Who creates them?

I create them as well as passionate members of my team.

Where do you see your brand 10 years from now?

Hopefully as a beverage staple in every household!

For more information visit Sipp website.

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