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Mana – Ready To Drink Balanced Food

Mana - Ready To Drink Balanced FoodMana is a revolutionary drink that’s formed a totally new category in the beverage business. More than a drink, it’s a balanced food that provides all of the nutrients that your body needs. The drink is made with soy protein isolate, oats, corn, sugar beets, and a mixture of algal blooms and canola, coconut, flaxseed, and sunflower oils. Its nutritional content corresponds to EFSA dietary reference values, with 50% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 20% protein.

Packed into a minimal carton with a resealable screw cap, Mana provides 400 kcal and 20% of your daily nutritional requirements. Upon opening a bottle, you can smell the vanilla and coconut notes, which complement the drink’s white, turbid colour reminiscent of milk and its consistency that’s more watery than thick. Its neutral, slightly salty taste is comparable to soy milk and leaves a slightly dry mouthfeel backed by the smoothness of the oils.

Mana’s high kcal content makes it not too sweet, salty, or thick, but incredibly easy to drink. Its protein content comes from a soy protein isolate known for boosting muscle growth and maintaining bone mass. One serving of Mana has 20 g of protein, all of vegan origins. Meanwhile, its slight sweetness comes from isomaltulose (Palatinose™), a disaccharide that gives the body glucose and fructose, which reduces blood glucose better than foods with sugar.

The drink also has beta-glucans found in oat fibre that help to control normal blood cholesterol levels. The creators of Mana used organic, cold-pressed coconut oil of the highest quality, which gives the drink a pleasant aroma, a solid consistency, and a healthy shot of valuable, saturated medium-chain fatty acids. Other lipids come from the canola, sunflower, and flaxseed oils, with specific properties such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and phytosterol.

In all, Mana is a fascinating, innovative product that everyone should try.

For more information visit Mana website.

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