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BiPro Introduces New Berry Burst Protein Water

BiPro Introduces New Berry Burst Protein WaterBiPro has introduced Berry Burst as the newest flavor of BiPro Protein Water. Berry Burst is naturally flavored, offers fresh, smooth taste and still packs 20 grams of lean, clean protein per bottle. It’s a refreshing burst of berry, naturally.

The new flavor stays true to BiPro’s clean label promise. Berry Burst contains just five natural ingredients, instead of a lengthy list of artificial ones. The product has zero grams of sugar, carbohydrate or fat. Berry Burst is also lactose- and gluten-free.

“We are confident that adding a berry-flavored drink to the line of BiPro Protein Water will further expand BiPro’s reach in the health and fitness market,” said Polly Olson, vice president of sales, marketing and new business development.

“The combination of delicious, natural berry flavors and a portable bottle make Berry Burst the perfect drink for health-conscious consumers.”

The new flavor was unveiled at the Boys & Girls Club of Venice during a BiPro charity event. Professional basketball player Larry Nance Jr. spoke to children at the club about how eating right has positively impacted his playing career. Then, Nance ran the kids through basketball drills.

“The new Berry Burst flavor is incredibly refreshing,” Nance said. “There’s nothing I’d rather drink after exercise than BiPro Protein Water because it tastes great and also gives my muscles needed post-workout protein.”

Berry Burst is the third flavor of BiPro Protein Water, in addition to Lemon Lift and Peach Power. BiPro is a consumer brand of Agropur Inc.

Source: BiPro

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