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Naturelly Jelly Juice

Products are packed into a 100g pouches. The packaging is giving an impression of kid’s juices but turns out that it is something different – a jelly juice. Aluminum pouches are flexible and innovative packaging for beverages, especially very attractive for children. As we look closely to the ingredients list, we can see that they are only natural: juices from fruits concentrate, natural flavorings, natural acidity regulator and vitamins. Furthermore, this product has no added sugar, all the sugar is naturally provided from fruit.Naturelly DrinkPreneur Live 2015

Apple + Blackcurrant

After having the first sip of an Apple & Blackcurrant jelly juice very light apple juice flavor is coming, after several seconds we can feel the blackcurrant flavor too. The consistency of the drink reminds more of snack than a drink and is well suitable for children because jelly does not spill as easily as the liquids do. The mouth feel is created by using apple puree. Color is very light and turbid, has a brownish orange tone and can be easily related with an apple taste.

Tropical Fruits

When you take the pouch of Naturelly jelly juice with tropical fruits, the bright and colourful cover picture with an apple, orange, pineapple and passion fruit on it shows what flavor we could expect. Apple and orange flavor are well expressed and you could feel them as soon as you squeeze jelly to your mouth. Color is very soft yellow, perfectly related with a tropical fruits flavor. Furthermore, this drink contains only 37Kcal/100 g.

Summer Fruits

After opening the aluminum pouch you can smell the summer berries. And straight after the first sip the soft strawberries and raspberries flavor comes out. Without mentioned berries, this product also contains apple and blackcurrant juice concentrates. In general, product taste very refreshing contains only 36Kcal/100g and has 25% RDI of the each antioxidant A, C and E.

In conclusion this product is free from gluten, wheat, gelatin, dairy, nuts and bees products. Beverage body is full and well-disclosed and is suitable for children under 2 years old, because it is easy to drink and to pour.

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