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Ohumm Queen Blue Genever – Sweet Summer Breeze With A Hint Of A Secret

Ohumm Queen Blue Genever – Sweet Summer Breeze With A Hint Of A SecretIt is stunning how you can upgrade the same drink into something completely new. The Ohumm Queen Blue Genever is an updated version with fruity coconut and strawberry flavours. While the original genever remains whiskey, this one is sweet and sophisticated for consumers who find the original version too strong. The recipe of the base Genever in this mixture has been used since 1777.

The drink is bottled into a 0.7 L clear glass bottle with a premium looking printed label at the top of the glass. The drink has a clear, ice blue colour. Opening it allows sweet notes to reach the nose. It has very strong, natural notes of coconut and vanilla. After getting a first sip, you can feel that it is very smoothing and easy to drink. The alcohol content is only 20%, so it can be drunk chilled with ice cubes. The main flavour note is sweet coconut with a strong secondary note of the fruity strawberry. Overall the taste profile is well matched and very solid. After getting a second sip, the herbal notes come through, distinguishing the drink from any other kind of alcohol.

I see Ohumm Queen Blue as a perfect ingredient for profession mixologist. Due to the sweetness, we would recommend mixing it into a premium cocktail or drinking it with loads of ice on a hot summer day!

For more information visit OHUMM website.

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