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Oxigen Oxygenated Water

Oxigen Oxygenated WaterOxigen water tastes like all other waters – which is to say it’s refreshing but has a general absence of taste. The difference with this water is that it’s loaded up with extra molecules of oxygen. Instead of the typical hydrogen with O2, this has an O4. The added oxygen has no impact on the taste, but it can be beneficial to your health for several reasons.

The company’s website says it takes a 120-step process to create the oxygen supermolecule that remains stable in the water. This process allows the extra oxygen to go directly into the bloodstream and reach the body and mind quickly and more efficiently.  Getting increased oxygen into the bloodstream gives some advantages over typical water.  It allows for faster recovery from workouts by breaking down lactic acid.  It provides more stamina and focus for a stressed mind and body.  And, naturally, it promotes hydration because, at its core, it’s still water.

Oxigen comes in a couple of different package options.  The go-to product of oxygenated water is sold in three different sized bottles – 20 oz, 1 L, or 20 oz with a sports cap for those on the go.  They also have a ½ oz “shot” of water with five times the amount of oxygen as their traditional product (and 500x the amount of oxygen as regular water).  The smaller, more concentrated shot of water does require more electrolyte sea salt to keep the bond, which gives it a bit of a salty taste, but nothing to stop anyone from trying the product.

Summary: If the science is to be believed, Oxigen Water is a great recovery option whether you’re looking to get back to feeling great after a hard workout or a late night on the town.

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