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Petal – Sparkling Botanical Blend

Petal - Sparkling Botanical BlendPetal is a line of three sparkling botanical blends: Original Rose, Mint Rose, and Lychee Rose. Inspired by the founder’s grandmother (who toned with rose water daily and drank rose petal tea), these sparkling blends are sugar and caffeine free, rich in antioxidants, naturally flavored, and USDA organic. Petal is a totally guilt-free option for those who love a fizzy drink, but who don’t want all the sugar, caffeine, and artificial flavoring in most sodas and sparkling beverages.

Packaged in an elegant, 12 oz slim can decorated with bright, watercolor style florals, even the presentation of Petal hints at the sophisticated flavors inside. Upon opening the can, the bubbles escaping immediately entice you with the rosy aroma of drink. The drinks are mild, like a carbonated rose petal tea, but the flavor is delicious and pure. With no added sugar, the beautiful floral flavor is really able to come through. All three blends have a strong floral rose flavor, but it is fresh rather than overpowering and the carbonation makes for an extra invigorating experience.

Petal botanical blends are perfect for those looking for a healthier alternative to soda, or for anyone looking to try a new and unique flavor. The slim can design makes them easy to pack away for a hike, trip to the beach, or picnic, and can also be used in place of regular soda water in cocktails to bring a delicate floral flavor to drinks! From the company’s beginnings to the very last sip, Petal is refreshing and unique.

Original Rose – a true, floral rose flavor.

Mint Rose – a refreshing, subtle balance between mint and rose.

Lychee Rose – a strong rose flavor with hints of fruity lychee.

For more information visit Petal website.

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