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Orgain organic nutritional shake product

orgainkidsAn interesting nutritional shake for kids called – Orgain Healthy Kids, beverage in a cute Tetra Pak®  packaging loaded with a bunch of functionality. Claims on a packaging : doctor developed, 8 grams of organic protein, complex of carbohydrates from organic brown rice, 10 different organic fruits and veggies, 23 essential vitamins and minerals, no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, coloring, preservatives, flavors are ‘shouting’ that this might be a perfect drink for a kid to put in a lunch box.

Functional part is very strong in this drink, just like mentioned above. Ingredient list is very wide, starting from organic whey proteins, loads of vitamins and even fruit part. Due to this big number of functional ingredients the taste is very interesting. Of course the main dominant taste is milky, because of whey protein  and grass fed milk proteins use in it., just like the appearance itself, it is also milky and white. The taste was made more interesting with a hint of strawberry flavor and a creamy structure, which might be created with a help of an organic sunflower oil. Sweetness level is medium and it goes very well with an idea of a natural healthy drink for kids. It is sweetened with Stevia, but you cannot feel the aftertaste of it.

Texture of a drink is very smooth in the mouth and it definitely provides with a sense of fullness at least for a while after taking this drink. So it can be truly called as a meal replacement or nutritional shake.

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