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Stress-Free Sipping with TRIP CBD Infused Drinks

Stress-Free Sipping with TRIP CBD Infused DrinksTRIP was started after the founders discovered the power of CBD oils to heal from injuries and manage daily stresses. In addition to CBD oils, TRIP also produces a range of CBD-infused beverages. Every 250 ml can contains 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD derived from organically grown hemp.

Stress-Free Sipping with TRIP CBD Infused DrinksElderflower Mint is a light, sparkling drink containing 15mg of CBD as well as elderflower extract, ginseng, L-theanine, lemon balm, and rooibos. Packaged in a cleanly designed, light pink can, this beverage starts with a sweet and refreshing hint of mint, reminiscent of a mint chewing gum. The flavor is a perfect balance between sweet and sour with the elderflower, mind, and lemon notes coming through in each refreshing sip. This beverage would be a relaxing refresher to enjoy on a hot day and would also be a fun cocktail mixer.

Stress-Free Sipping with TRIP CBD Infused DrinksPeach Ginger packs a bit of a more flavorful punch with the ginger coming on a little stronger than the peach. The effervescent bubbles, combined with the ginger’s zing, provide an energized yet smooth drinking experience. The natural flavors of peach, ginger, turmeric, lemon balm, and chamomile leave a lingering sweet calm in your mouth.

Stress-Free Sipping with TRIP CBD Infused DrinksCold Brew Coffee starts with an artfully brewed Guatemalan coffee, infused with 15mg of CBD. This sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan cold brew is potent, yet smooth. The sleek 250 ml can is a great grab-and-go for a busy morning when you need jitter-free energy for the day ahead.

Overall: Compared to other CBD beverages we’ve tried, TRIP seems to have mastered the art of CBD-infused flavors. Each TRIP beverage brings an artful blend of flavors and functions. TRIP’s focus on quality can be tasted and felt with each sip, delivering a uniquely relaxing beverage experience.

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