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Second Taste of Improved Water Works

Second Taste of Improved Water WorksWater Works is the newest product to attack thirst and hydrate the body.  Rather than present a product that’s heavy on sugar and produced in a lab, Water Works takes pride in crafting healthier, functional drinks with ultimate hydration in mind.  Their two current products, cactus water and watermelon water, use all natural juices and no added sugar to create delicious low-calorie alternatives to sports drinks. We previously reviewed these beverages in 2017, but the company has since changed the formulation and packaging slightly, inspiring us to take another taste.

Water Works Cactus Water

Cactus water is a deliciously detoxifying alternative to the many sports drinks that aim to quench thirst.  Made with 100% natural prickly pear juice, and a combination of water, pomegranate, and lime, this drink is not from concentrate and has no added sugars.  The taste is similar to water, but the subtle flavor from the juices provides a refreshing alternative without the acid and sugars from most juice.  Loaded with antioxidants, cactus water has less naturally occurring sugar than coconut water and has a better taste.

Water Works Watermelon Water

Watermelon has long been a favorite on a hot summer’s day.  Now that Water Works has used watermelon juice as the key ingredient (80%) to one of their flagship drinks, it can be a favorite anytime there’s a need for refreshment.  Watermelon Water is nature’s glorious super hydrator and replaces electrolytes lost through sweat and fatigue.  This all natural, no sugar added drink is perfect after a workout.  In addition to the typical benefits of a hydrating drink, Watermelon water also contains citrulline and lycopene to help reduce soreness in muscles and hasten recovery from a workout.

In the quest for new hydration alternatives, Water Works has come up with two interesting and easy-to-drink options.

For more information visit Water Works Instagram page.

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