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Water Works – Hydration With Purpose

Water Works - Hydration With PurposeThe line consists of two beverages: watermelon water and cactus water. Both are 100% natural, not from concentrate, and have no added sugar. Both products are sold in carton packaging of 330 ml volume with screw caps. The packaging design is very simple and clear, sending just the right message to the consumer. The beverages are produced in the UK and are vegan and gluten free.

Water Works - Hydration With PurposeWatermelon Water

Upon opening one, you can sense the natural but not overly strong aroma of watermelon, which is not as sweet as you might expect. The color of the drink is a turbid red with floating sediments, and the taste is more sour than expected. This comes from cranberry juice, which is well matched with the mild flavour of watermelon.

The body of this beverage is slightly watery, but considering the water volume and the majority of juice content coming from watermelon, that is to be expected. The watermelon water contains 88% watermelon juice. Overall, the drink is very refreshing; the aroma could be more strongly expressed. Total kcal content is 35 kcal per 100 ml, coming from watermelon juice.

Water Works - Hydration With PurposeCactus Water

The second drink in the line is cactus water, which consists of cactus pear juice, cranberry juice, and natural flavoring. This one has a much more intense, sweet aroma; at first, it reminds you of honeydew melon. The drink’s appearance is also turbid and has a brownish-yellow color. In terms of taste, this one has a sweeter aroma that is more intense than the taste.

The main flavor comes from cactus pear juice; the cranberry juice is not a strong presence either in the sour notes or the taste profile. The body of the drink is stronger, and the 30% juice content is lower than in the watermelon water and comes from cactus pear juices. The mild and subtle flavor is refreshing due to the low sweetness level. This drink contains only 15 kcal per 100 ml.

These are very interesting members of a relatively new category of fruit waters. Non-sweetened and non-sweet products are becoming more and more popular on the market due to people’s healthy lifestyle choices. These are lovely drinks to sip in hot summer weather.

For more information visit Water Works website.

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