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Drink’n’Dream with Good Night Relaxation Drink

Drink'n'Dream with Good Night Relaxation Drink

Good Night is a new, lightly carbonated beverage specifically developed to relieve stress and improve quality of sleep. If you have a tough day, just grab a can of Good Night, and it will help you fall asleep and stay there all night long, naturally.

A 250ml aluminium can with a purple shrink sleeve covered in sparkling stars delivers the main concept of the drink, which is “Drink‘n‘Dream.” The product has 50 kcal per serving, and the recipe contains a combination of ingredients including valerian, lavender and rose hip extract, each of which serves a particular function in the beverage. These functional ingredients are well known, and brand doesn’t have to offer consumers any additional education.

Drink'n'Dream with Good Night Relaxation DrinkAfter opening the product, you can sense a gentle aroma of roses and lavender, which instantly helps restore inner calm and peacefulness. The slight carbonation offers a very light, enlivening experience and delivers a mild herbal taste, which goes very well with the drink’s slight sweetness. The colour of the drink is natural, with a yellow shade caused by the natural herbal extract ingredients.

This beverage contains no preservatives, artificial colours or intense sweeteners. For this reason, it is a healthy way to start your journey into dreamland for the night.

For more information visit Good Night Drink.

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