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Cawston Press Kitchen Inspired Sparkling Drinks

Cawston Press Kitchen Inspired Sparkling DrinksCawston Press Rhubarb And Apple

Cawston Press Kitchen Inspired Sparkling DrinksAn eye-catching design on the aluminium can is both colourful and highly informative. After opening the can, a characteristic aroma of fresh rhubarb can be noted. It smells very fresh and natural, and one taste delivers a sparkling juicy beverage. In fact, 20 percent of the juices in this beverage come from freshly squeezed apples and rhubarb, with a rhubarb definite taste predominating. This drink has no artificial colourings, preservatives, or sweeteners—and no additional flavourings. The amazing flavour comes only from pure and natural juices. The appearance of the final product is only slightly turbid. All the sweetness in this drink comes from the natural sugars found in the fruits it is made with, for a fresh and healthy beverage.

Cawston Press Cucumber And Mint

Cawston Press Kitchen Inspired Sparkling DrinksOpening the aluminium releases an aroma of freshly harvested cucumber, very fresh and natural. Often, a ready-to-drink product with a cucumber flavour doesn’t provide a pleasant taste. Here, however, the cucumber flavour is not only a pleasant one but also offers a hint of mint that complements it very well. Tasting the drink, consumers can identify both cucumber and herbal notes in this not-too-sweet, slightly carbonated and refreshing beverage. It has nothing artificial, and all 25 percent of the juices are freshly squeezed and pressed to deliver a natural-tasting drink.

This beverage tastes its very best when chilled—refreshing, delicate and very surprising in a good way.

For more information visit Cawston website.

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