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The Coffee Brewer by Grower’s Cup

The Coffee Brewer by Grower’s CupWith the Coffee Brewer by Grower’s Cup, you can brew fresh coffee anywhere you have access to hot water. The award-winning brew-in-bag design makes it easier than ever to have freshly-made coffee wherever you are. Each brewing bag comes filled with 20-22g of ground single estate coffee beans. Each coffee is organic and fair trade, and single-estate sourcing lets you know exactly where the beans you’re drinking came from. With beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Columbia, ranging from medium to medium dark roasts, there’s a coffee for everyone in the Grower’s Cup line.

Brewing coffee in the bag is incredibly simple: just twist off the spout lid on the side of the bag, shape the easy-stand bag, and open the zip-lock top. Pour in the proper amount of hot water (a transparent window on the back of the bag allows you to see how much water you have added), re-seal the bag, and brew for 5-7 minutes. You can customize the strength of your coffee by adding more or less water (they’ve provided helpful guidelines on the transparent window to guide your pouring from strong to mild) or by brewing for more or less time. Once you’re done brewing, simply pour your delicious coffee out of the spout on the side of the bag and you’re done! Similar to a cross between a disposable French press and a pour-over coffeemaker, these coffees come out rich and flavorful. The bags can also be dried and re-used to brew more coffee by adding more grounds, making them even more useful for hiking and camping trips.

Brazil – a strong, medium-dark roast sourced from the Ascarrive co-op in Brazil. This roast has notes of nuts and dark chocolate.

Honduras – a balanced, medium-roast bean sourced from Capucas, Honduras. This roast is subtle, fruity, and chocolaty.

Guatemala – grown in the volcanic mountain soil of Chajulense, Guatemala, this medium roast mixes the flavors of herbal notes, dark chocolate, and red fruits.

The Coffee Brewer by Grower’s CupColombia – sourced from one of the kings of the coffee world, Colombia, this medium dark roast from Caturra de Altura is full-bodied and packed with flavor, boasting notes of citrus and almond.

Ethiopia – these beans, sourced from Sidamo-2 in Ethiopia, are a medium roast with the intense flavor associated with Ethiopian coffees. Notes of citrus, bergamot, and black tea make this roast distinguished.

For more information visit The Coffee Brewer website.

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