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The Juice Premium – Just Fruits Nothing More

The Juice Premium Semi Sweet Apple 3LFrom the first sight the product looks as a very natural one. This is due to the bag in box packaging which looks like an environmentally friendly. Juices are packed into 3 L packaging. The bag is placed into a very nice carton box with a design of a wood, which gives an idea of a natural texture. All recipes are 100% natural, without any colorants, flavorings, gluten free and without any preservatives.

Chokeberry and apple taste. 21.5 apples and 355 crushed chokeberries were used for 3 L of juices. The first thing that is noticed is a very natural looking red color, which is coming from the chokeberries. Second thing noticed is a very nice apple smell. The taste is a nice combination of fruit and berries. Apple is giving a specific sourness and brings the main taste as choke berry is providing with a very special note as well as dryness in the mouth. Texture is nice and it is definitely obvious that you are drinking juices!

Apple juice Sweet and Sour. For 3 L of juice 27 apple were used. 100% apple juice without any additives or preservatives. The turbid brownish appearance is giving a natural look. Flavor that reached you nose is a little bit sour as the taste is smooth and sweet with only a hint of sourness.

The Juice Premium Strawberry & Apple 3LStrawberry and apple taste. 21.5 apples and 45 crushed strawberries were used for 3 L of juices. The color is more orange than pink, as the main ingredient is apple. Although the smell is definitely bringing the taste of strawberries. Flavor is a very light, fresh and delicate, there is a clear strawberry express and it going perfectly with the sourness of the apple. Texture of the drink is juicy and full.

Apple and pear juices.  17 apples and 6.5 pears were used. The smell and taste are very light. Texture is smoother than the others; the pear is giving smoothness, sweetness and covers the distinctive sourness of the apple.  Smell is an equal mixture of pear and apple and it’s hard to identify which is stronger, although the dominant taste is for sure pear.

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