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Global Phenomenon Joe & The Juice Opens 200th Store

Global Phenomenon Joe & The Juice Opens 200th StoreRapidly expanding JOE & THE JUICE, the well-traveled juice bar & coffee concept, has just opened its 200th store world wide, with its London branch on 23 Maddox St. Easily spotted amongst a sea of corporate cups with its Nordic cool atmospheres and fresh mix of accents, faces, and cultures, each JOE & THE JUICE is more à la mode than the last – and another 25 stores are coming to the U.S. in 2017 alone!

“All of us engaged with JOE & THE JUICE are overwhelmed and humbled by the great feedback we have received from our guests, landlords, the media, and very importantly – our partners and juicers.”

“We are excited to continue the expansion of our presence and footprint of our youth culture. We expect to open 100+ stores in the coming few years across New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.!” said Kaspar Basse, CEO.


Founded in Copenhagen in 2002 by Basse, JOE & THE JUICE creates only the finest with high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients in its freshly prepared juices, shakes, coffee, and sandwiches. A beacon for millennials and urban trendsetters, the brand has opened doors in major cities around the world with locals and travelers alike craving more.

No more boring, apathetic “what would you like” coffee and juice pedaling! JOE & THE JUICE is creating a new generation of Global Citizen. Whether you’ve ordered an espresso in New York or a ginger shot in Sydney, odds are, your juicer is just in from Reykjavik, Stockholm, or London. JOE & THE JUICE encourages employees to see the world, by inspiring dreams with their exclusive work exchange opportunities.

“Equally important to our expanding storefronts, we are also striving to develop our educational platform into our dream of a contemporary ‘JOE & THE JUICE University,’ based on our definition of essential youth virtues. Preparing young people from all walks of life for a meaningful future in the exciting world ahead of us! Having the opportunity to expand across the U.S. is very exciting for all us involved, and we hope our guests feel the same way,” said Basse.

With such amazing company culture, JOE & THE JUICE isn’t burning through employees just going through the motions to make ends meet. As the company provides the framework for its employees to establish long lasting social relationships across departments, stores, even continents, it fulfills more than just the need for a paycheck.

Source: Joe and the Juice

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