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Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016

Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016

Cold brew coffee may just be the best alternative for those who really enjoy drinking coffee, but are usually in a rush and are just not willing to put in that extra effort for a cup of high quality coffee on a daily bases.

By definition, cold brew coffee refers to the process of steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period (usually 12 hours or even more). The result is a coffee concentrate that is often diluted with water or milk, and can be served hot, over ice, or blended with ice and other ingredients such as chocolate.

From numerous recipes that you can make yourself to well-known brands that provide you with all that you need just in one bottle, cold brew coffee is a great choice for summer. Today I have decided to introduce 5 of my favorite cold brew coffee brands and shortly present their offers.

Grady‘s Bottled Coffee ConcentrateTop 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016

In 2011 Grady’s delivered the cold brew revolution to the public with their bottled New Orleans-style coffee concentrate. Cold brewed for 20 hours with chicory and a distinctive blend of spices, their concentrate is velvety-smooth and full of flavor.

Their bottle can be kept in the fridge for up to a month. During this period, you can pour a cup whenever you want. Super convenient, right? Moreover, they have some suggestions if you‘re feeling a bit daring: why not try their brew with vodka for a cocktail, sparkling water for a coffee soda or over ice cream for true decadence?

Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

Established in 1999, Stumptown‘s coffee is brewed without heat for over 12 hours. After that, a double filtration process is used to obtain the end result: a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. This brand is perfect for the true coffee lovers.

Stumptown has three differently packaged types of cold brew coffee to offer: a ready-to-drink original bottled cold brew coffee, a creamy canned alternative, infused with nitrogen and a smooth cold brew coffee with milk in a carton.


Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee

Many cold brew coffee brands have either one or two types of coffee to choose from. But what if you like to mix it up once in a while? Well, in that case, Califia Farms is the brand to choose. They offer 16 different kinds of cold brew coffee. From Latte to Peppermint Mocha – you name it! This bottled goodness is made with sustainably- sourced natural ingredients. Besides, their coffee is 100% gluten-free. This brand is perfect for the alternative milk drinkers. According to Califia Farms, almond milk is the best component when it comes to their cold brew coffee. So forget about your health and industry concerns, because not only does it taste good, but it‘s great for your body too!

Installation Cold Brew CoffeeTop 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016

Nearly three years ago, Ben Usen founded his online cold brew coffee company Installation. His brew is prepared by hand in cold water for 24 hours. As a result, a bold, silky smooth beverage, without a trace of bitterness is created. Installation Cold Brew Coffee uses a unique blend of Central American coffees to create a flavor profile with taste notes of rich dark cocoa, almonds, stone fruit and mixed berries. This brand makes high quality coffee accessible to everyone.

Usen recommends diluting his concentrate with water or milk over ice to gain the best tasting experience.

Top 5 Cold Brew Coffee Brands 2016Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

As you have probably noticed, the majority of cold brew coffee brands come from the United States of America. Thus, it is safe to say that Europe is a little bit behind, when it comes to this certain type of beverage. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom has a great cold brew coffee brand in the market. Sandows has been making their cold brew coffee since 2014. Their brand has been named after Eugen Sandow, the iconic Victorian bodybuilder. This acts as a great metaphor to describe the time and effort they put into making delicious cold brew coffee. Consumers can drink Sandows coffee on the go and it is a matter of personal preference whether you prefer drinking it straight from the bottle, over ice or with milk. Either way it tastes great.

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