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Plain Milk – real milk enthusiasts

Inv-HeaderWe, Patrick Schick (27) and Florian Haug (27) , are the two founders of Plain. Plain ist the first Milk out of a can. Plain Milk is all natural finnish milk without any additives. Through adding our Ecuadorian fair trade cacao and a small amount of dextrose, we get our Plain Cacao. Both our Products are filled in our environmentally friendly LamiCans. which are fully recycable. The Design is, like our Brandname, plain, timless and crystalclear – simply Plain

At the End of 2012 we had the first idea of milk in Cans, what made us found Plain Milk in late weeks of 2013 .

Since we are real milk enthusiasts, we were searching years  for a way to consume milk in a exclusive and at the same time practicable way. That was the time starting to concern about the topic. We soon noticed the great Market Volume behind this idea. Its fact that in average every German citizen consumes around 88 liters of milk. This is almost twice as much as Coca Cola. This made us move forward.

As a Start Up in the beverage industry you always have to cope with the large production numbers. In our case we had this problem twice, because we wanted to kick off with two ready produced products, Plain Milk and Plain Kakao. So our toughest descision was wether to take risk and produce this large numbers on our own risk, or not. We did the right thing.

07.01.2014_PLAIN_MILCH_DoseBut before producing itself was really a topic, first of all we had to find suitable partners to start with. This was not as easy as it sounds. First we were thinking in regional dimensions. But soon we understood that this wasn t the right way. We had to think global. So we went to exhebitions and met lots of new people,  also our partner responsble for production today.

Since I (Patrick) am an airline Pilot, we gathered our inspiration from aviation industries. I personally like beeing  up in the air. Sun an blue skies – everything Plain – like our milk

In Germany we notice the trend following the general lifestyle of people. The number of people looking after their health is growing, and so the number of people who care of what they are consuming. Less fat and less sugar is what people want. We appreciate that and Plain Milk and Kakao with ist herbal taste is totally devolped on the basis of this trend.


Welcome to visit freshly launched onlineshop: www.plainmilch.de

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