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Reason You Should Buy Milk On Mondays

Reason You Should Buy Milk On MondaysIbotta, the mobile shopping app whose users have earned more than $165 million in cash-back rebates on everyday purchases, released findings today from its National Milk Day report that showed Monday is the best day to buy, when milk is four percent cheaper than it is on Sundays, the most expensive day to buy.

The findings, which included an analysis of 34 million grocery receipts from January through December of 2016, and a survey of more than 31,000 shoppers, also revealed that Cleveland residents buy more milk than any other city, followed by Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

“Ibotta’s mission is to help shoppers make smarter decisions on their everyday purchases, and milk is perhaps the most common staple in American households,” said Bryan Leach, CEO of Ibotta.

“We want all consumers to feel confident in their spending and hope we can educate shoppers to be more informed the next time they’re in the grocery store.”

In addition to the best day for milk purchases, Ibotta’s National Milk Day survey found that Americans enjoy their milk:

  • Straight from the Cereal Bowl: Almost two-thirds of respondents say they drink leftover cereal milk, with another 10 percent saying it depends on the cereal.
  • With a Little Chocolate: Nearly 70 percent of consumers prefer chocolate syrup over chocolate powder when making homemade chocolate milk.
  • By the Expiration Date: Approximately 45 percent of respondents say they will never drink milk past its expiration date, while a bold one-third say they will drink milk more than two days past the expiration mark.
  • Out of the Carton: Grossing out germaphobes everywhere, a full one-third of respondents copped to drinking milk straight from the carton.
  • In their Coffee: Consumers’ love of milk extends to coffee as well, with almost 60 percent of all responders saying they prefer milk or cream with their daily cup.

The survey also found that, despite the growth of dairy-free milk products in recent years, 2 percent milk is still the most purchased variety, followed by whole milk.


Source: Ibotta

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