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Steep Echo Leads the Emergence of New Tea Category

Steep Echo Leads the Emergence of New Tea Category

Source: Steep Echo

More than half of the American population drinks tea every day with many of the products in the marketplace offering overbearing and artificial tasting options – that is until the launch of new tea company, Steep Echo. Steep Echo is leading the emergence of a new category of herbal tea by selling all-natural olive leaf teas with botanicals and flavor profiles that result in a remarkable new experience designed to accentuate the healthy lifestyle tea-drinkers often seek.

“Harvesting and tending to our olive trees calms and inspires me to create more beauty within our lives,” said Kimberly Branum, founder of Steep Echo.

“Steep Echo was born from that motivation to actively create a beautiful life, not find ways to escape it. Once we started making teas for ourselves from the leaves we collect after pruning the trees, we quickly realized we had a special opportunity to invite others to enjoy a whole new type of tea-drinking experience that elevates their every day.”

Steep Echo Leads the Emergence of New Tea Category Each of the five caffeine-free blends in the collection was thoughtfully designed by industry experts and carefully crafted by some of the best artisans in the tea trade. The familiar ingredients make each blend approachable, while the complex and sophisticated flavor profiles offer a stark contrast to other teas on the market. Before being perfectly blended into individual, biodegradable sachets for what Steep Echo calls, “a perfect occasion,” the leaves are hand-harvested and dried using timeless and organic practices.

The five blends include:

Ascent: This vibrant, balanced and lightly spiced blend is a daily drinker that mingles olive leaf with cinnamon before finishing with a touch of vanilla and sweet notes of monk fruit.

Bloom: Olive leaf pairs with cooling peppermint, Echinacea and savory herbs for a tea that is adept in immune defense. Plus, hints of cranberry and licorice root provide a delicious sweetness.

Hush: Providing a soothing way to right the body and restore the spirit, Hush blends olive leaf with ginger, peppermint and fresh lemon myrtle, and finishes sweetly with a touch of maple.

Repose: This blend is a complement to moments of relaxation and respite, combining organic olive leaf, calming chamomile, linden and delicate floral blossoms harvested by hand at peak season.

Tend: The finest natural olive leaf, corn silk and couch grass, along with notes of lemon myrtle, mango and pomegranate create this flavorful blend, which is an aid to proper digestion.

Steep Echo Leads the Emergence of New Tea Category The olive tree has long been regarded for its health benefits, many of which are attributed to a compound called oleuropein that is found in both its leaves and fruit. Oleuropein is known to help fight infection, provides nearly double the antioxidants of green tea, four times the antioxidants of vitamin C, and also promotes increased energy and cardiovascular health.

Steep Echo is the first in a family of brands by Santa Barbara-based Bel Lavoro. Bel Lavoro, which translates to “beautiful work,” is home to a unique collection of olive trees, including the widely loved Manzanilla and Arbequina trees, which are both Spanish varietals, and Tunisian Chemlali trees that are rarely found in the United States.

For more information visit Steep Echo.

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