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Van Bulck – Organic Belgian Beers

drinkpreneur_van-bulck-all-bottle-800x800Lager – the beer is not only unique and special because of the facts that it is Organic and Gluten free, but also product itself. Product packaging is standard glass bottle in a brown color, but the label looks something in between homemade and very professional, this perfectly meets the idea of the organic beer.

Color of the beer is very light yellow and clear what provides a look of a high quality. The odor is very delicate, but characteristic. I created the right image of a not too strong beer. It contains 5.2% of alcohol. Taste is light with a right balance of bitterness which is inherent in beer. The taste is light and very refreshing as at the time the body of it really full, not too watery.

White beer – contains 5.5% of alcohol. The color and cloudiness immediately gives you information about the type of the beer. The look of white beer matches the label design and use of the colors in it. Odor is very specific for the white beer, distinctive sour flavor with a flower note. Body of the beer is full, mouth feel smooth and slightly bitter.

Wild Fruit Beer – contains 5.8% of alcohol. The color is rich – brownish red color. The beer is made 7 different fruits; the taste that is formed is definitely unique and very solid. The flavor of a beer is well combined, you can feel the whole one united flavor and at the same time you can identify cherry, pomegranate, raspberry hints. The slight bitterness is coming from pomegranates which have that distinctive tartness. The taste of fruits and beer goes very well together. Body that is created is full and integral, mouth feel is smooth. Odor of the drink is very fruity and you can definitely identify the dominant cherry flavor.

Whole line of the beers is really special and worth trying. The statement Organic and Gluten free is giving additional value, but the beers itself are amazing.

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