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ViO BiO LiMO Soft Drinks

ViO BiO LiMO Soft DrinksDeveloped by Coca-Cola Germany, ViO BiO LiMO is a blend of mineral water, and organic fruit juice with added carbonation. With a maximum of 4.1 grams of sugar per 100ml, and no sweeteners, ViO BiO LiMO is a certified organic, vegan beverage that brings a less sweet and more tart twist to sparkling water. It’s almost in the middle of sparkling water and soda.

Vio BiO LiMO comes in four original flavors, ViO BiO LiMO Lemon-lime, ViO BiO LiMO Orange, ViO BiO LiMO Lime-cucumber, and ViO BiO LiMO Grapefruit. The product is packaged in a 300ml glass bottle with a screw cap. We sampled ViO BiO LiMO Orange and ViO BiO LiMO Limo Lemon-Lime.

ViO BiO LiMO Orange

The first aroma that hits your nose upon opening is a sweet and effervescent orange, reminiscent of orange FANTA. The rich, strong, orange flavor creates an exciting spin on orange soda that is unexpected but extremely enjoyable. We could do with slightly less carbonation, but overall we loved the flavorful experience of ViO BiO Orange.

ViO BiO LiMO Lemon-Lime

Even the aroma of ViO BiO LiMO Lemon-lime hints at its sourness. This flavor is much more sour than the orange flavor. There is a hint of sweetness as well, but the aftertaste definitely skews towards sour. Overall the lemon and lime in this drink is well-balanced and created a pleasant and refreshing drink.

Summary: ViO BiO LiMO Lemon-Lime and Orange are zesty, less sugary takes on orange and lemon-lime soda. The sour flavor of Lemon-Lime makes it great for sipping, but the more mellow orange flavor makes for an overall smoother, easier-to-drink beverage. ViO BiO LiMO Orange and Lemon-Lime would make for an energizing and refreshing treat, especially for someone who is looking for a lighter, less-sweet alternative to soda.

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