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Your PopUp Meal – A Smart Ready-To-Drink Meal

Pop Up Meal – A Smart Ready-To-Drink MealYour PopUp Meal is a meal replacement drink developed by biologists who took expert advice from 120 evidence-based studies. The drink contains roughly 25% of a person’s daily nutrient, vitamin, and mineral needs, which makes it a great alternative to a meal.

Your PopUp Meal contains easily digestible maltodextrin for prolonged energy supply, due to isomaltulose, a dietary fiber inulin that improves digestion and creates a sense of satiety, as well as rapeseed oil rich in omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, and omega-9 and high amino acid content due to high-quality milk proteins.

The drink is also full of vitamins and minerals selected according to which are the most necessary or tend to be deficient, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, and selenium. Since milk ranks among the most balanced sources of macro- and micronutrients, the makers chose it as the base of the drink, despite milk’s reputation as a common allergen.

Your PopUp Meal has no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. Despite being a milk-based drink, it has a long, 9-month shelf life due to UHT, a short-term treatment at increased temperatures that eliminates micro-organisms.

Your PopUp Meal is packed into 310-mL HDPE bottles with a shrink-sleeve label that presents necessary information for consumers. The liquid is turbid white, is not carbonated, and has no added flavors, which afford an aroma and taste reminiscent of mildly sweet milk or cream with a hint of a coffee. The consistency is exceptionally soft and creamy, and the whole body of the beverage is rounded and full. The drink contains 155 kcal per 100 mL and 480 kcal per serving, which is equal to a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Diverse nutrition is essential to good health, and we need to consume as many vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins as possible. In that light, Your PopUp Meal is a great alternative to unhealthy snacking, especially for business people too busy to grab a regular meal or who snack between meals.

For more information visit Your PopUp Meal website.

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